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Edoardo Cortese & Developer

Hello! I'm a web and software developer based in Italy and born in '96. I started to code software at the age of 13, then i worked on lots of websites and mobile apps. In 2016 i started a big project called LootBot as Telegram Bot, that has raised more than 35.000 players.

Most of my knowledge came from self-taught, lots of experience and strong desire to learn new things as fast as possible.

Meanwhile i started a collaboration with Hyde to develope HydeStore, and later, PlayBrain website.

I have experience in IoT, various programming language from web based like HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, to mobile based like Kotlin, Swift and Flutter. Then some experience in VBNET, Python and Bash. Skills like git, vscode, ai generation and lots of others.

I'm open to work with new projects expecially with non-standard requests to meet every possible needs.


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If you need to contact me about your projects or something you want to share with me, text me at my email or by telegram chat. Cheers! 🍻