How to make perfect screenshots

⚡️ Introduction



In 24 years of programming, tutorials, guides and some sort of internet texts, i found lots of people that is not so good making screenshots.

So i decided to make a simple article with how (for me) a screenshot should be made.

Good reading!



You can make a screenshot by using stamp (Windows) or cmd+shift+3 (Mac), or you can use one of many existing tools crated specifically for this purpose.

In MacOS, for example you can use Snappy (here i talked about it) for make a rectangle around your interested area and not distract user with useless elements. He will focus on your topic instead of losing in marginal elements and lose interest in your product/article/thing.


In Windows you can use a very similar tool called ShareX, cause is not possible that a Windows user should use stamp, then close that messy crop tool automatically opened, then use Paint for resize it (or Photoshop, surely).

Anyway, i think that use a tool instead of build-in tool should be a useful method for not waste time and post-elaborations.


Screenshot must be in high quality, user can’t dectect useful content if he can’t read nothing.

An example of wrong behavior:


To avoid this, just think about a different system for making screenshot or editing, sometimes a software can compress too much your image or your Photoshop export.


Is very important set the right position of your screenshot main content. If you fill an image with distractive elements a user won’t be able to detect your focus point.

An example of wrong behavior:


As you can see, there is no way to detect the subject of your screenshot.

I think there are two main ways to avoid this problem:

  1. Screenshot only the desidered area


  1. Highlight the desidered area


A lot more clear, isn’t it?


To improve your content inside your screenshot image, you should keep margin between border and subject(s).

An example of wrong behavior:


As you can see, there are annoying cutted text on top and on bottom that screenshot.

So you should keep some pixel of spaces between top and bottom border.


That’s it, very easy.

Size (dimension and weight)

When you take a screenshot, you should think about where it will attached. Could be attached on a website article, in an email, printed phisically, etc…

Different locations means different bandwidth and generally available space.

I’ve made a simple table trying to explain it.

Location Weight Size
Website < 1 MB 16:9
Email < 5 MB Any
Print Any Any
Presentation < 10 MB Mostly 1:1
Document < 2 MB 16:9

Proportion at 16:9 because of user that should be able to read below your screenshot while scrolling.

There are so many other cases, just think about what type of screen, connectivity and user will see your screenshots.


Now you can share this article to your friends that can’t make a perfect screenshot (until now!).

If you want other tips about screenshotting, just contact me and i will improve this.

Thanks for reading! If you see something not so much clear, bad formatted or broken links, contact me and i will fix asap!

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